About Fun

What is Mega Dead Pixel

The world's first AARPEF (Addictive Arcade Retro Pixel Endless Faller).

Fall right next to the shapes to paint them, or destroy them by smashing them as a bigger pixel and score.

Collect white pixels to become bigger and coins to buy various bonuses, bigger shapes and of course... powerhats.

Be the master of the leaderboards. Compete with friends, complete hundreds of challenging missions and reveal secrets behing pixelwalls.

Rewards & reviews

Cult of Mac's
Best Damn iOS Games of 2013!

"Cute pixel graphics,
charming music, and
infinite replayability..." Cult of Mac

Nominated 'Best Arcade Game'
in the Best App Ever Awards!
6th Best App Ever Awards

“Free Falling Fun!" – 4/5 148 Apps

Continue Play's
Best Mobile Game of 2013!
Continue Play Awards 2013

"Mega Dead Pixel is so retro
that it makes the arcade classic
Space Invaders look modern." - 4/5 Gamezebo

"Mega Dead Pixel is a
quality mix of
old-school design and
catchy modern-day
gameplay." – 4/5 Modojo

"Mega Dead Pixel is the best
endless arcade game
I have played in a while" – 5/5
App Advice

"Mega Dead Pixel is simple,
both gameplay wise and visually
...and that’s part of what
makes it so damn fun."
- 9/10 Capsule Computers