blue vs red

Go to war with your friends and become the world’s best squad in WarFriends - new unique 1 v 1 multiplayer shooter with tactical elements.

Friend will be WarFriends!

available for FREE

available for FREE

  • Online multiplayer

    Battle against your friends and foes online in head-to-head death matches that take place in real-time.

  • Down the sights

    Touch controls give you full control over the action. Just tap, hold, and swipe to move, shoot, and throw explosives.

  • Introducing WarCards

    Build a deck of WarCards and deploy them in battle. Change the tide of a battle with these game-changing perks.

  • Bring an army

    Deploy troops, tanks, helicopters, drones, and more to fight alongside you.


  • “Be sure to watch this one”

    Touch Arcade

  • "WarFriends by About Fun was actually really really fun”


  • “A feisty one-on-one shooter…best when playing with someone in the same room as you trade insults as well as blows."

    Pocket Gamer

  • “WarFriends Promises Explosive PVP Action”


  • “Definitely a multiplayer experience to keep an eye out for"

    Apple N Apps

  • "The controls are pretty easy to grasp and it doesn’t take long to start having fun."